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Avoid Plagiarism and Make Your Writing Shine


Grammar Checker

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  1. How to Prevent Plagiarism

    • 1
      Determine if the information is common knowledge. If the information has been cited in five other sources, it's safe to assume that it's common knowledge and does not need citation.
    • 2
      Make quotations and citations your friend. If someone said those exact words, quote them and give them credit. Credit should also be given to artwork.
    • 3
      Quote professionals, but provide your unique opinion and viewpoint.
    • 4
      Do not copy and paste. This makes it easier for you to plagiarize. Instead read over the sentence a few times and try to put it into your own words.
    • 5
      Put quotations marks around words or phrases you do not want to change and credit the source.
    • 6
      Check your paraphrasing against the original text to make sure it is not the same.
    • 7
      Do not purchase essays. You do not know where they came from or if they are reliable.

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