terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

Free Hide IP

Key Features

  • Surf Anonymously Online for FREE
    Change your IP address for free when you surf online and others will never know your real IP address.

  • Protect Your Privacy
    Surf anonymously and get protected from websites, hackers or identity thieves that want to monitor your online activities or steal your identity or other personal information.

  • Choose IP Country
    The Choose IP Country option enables you to select one country at your wish from the country list and then you are assigned fake IP addresses from the designated country.

  • Send Anonymous Emails
    Hide your real IP address in email headers and send anonymous emails through any web based mail system (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail).

  • Get Unbanned from Forums and Blocked Websites
    Hide your real IP address with Free Hide IP, which will un-ban you from any forums or other blocked websites that have ever banned you.
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domingo, 26 de outubro de 2014

Free Sound Recorder

  • Want to save cassette to cd?
  • Want to save lp to CD?
  • Want to listen to the songs on your old cassettes and records on your mp3 player?
  • Want to accomplish all this with a very easy-to-use interface?
  • Want to record streaming Internet audio or video broadcasts or webcasts of any kind?
  • Want to record audio or video sounds from DVD, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or other software?
Then we’ve got the software you need!
Free Sound Recorder is a great way to get started with capturing audio on your PC! 

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terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2014


LibreCAD is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple and Linux. Support and documentation is free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers. You, too, can also get involved!

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domingo, 19 de outubro de 2014

TSR Watermark Image Software - Free version

Com as versão gratuita pode colocar marca de água nas suas fotos de uso pessoal.

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ou AQUI!

sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2014

TimeLapse Tool

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VideoVelocity Time-Lapse Studio

Powerful & simple to use time-lapse and video recording software for the pro and novice. HD quality, fine-grain control, reliability, scheduling, great UI, etc. – all built in.

Record from WebcamIP CameraDSLR (Nikon, Sony, etc.), Screen Capture,Pictures-to-Video, 1080p - HD recording, motion detection & online live view.
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SkyStudioPro is a freeware time-lapse and motion detection application for the Windows® platform. You can use it to capture time-lapse movies using almost any capture device or web cam. It also features motion detection, you can set it to record movie clips when motion is detected.


Time-lapse photography is a technique of taking a picture every x seconds, and rendering the captured frames in a movie. When the movie is played back, you will see time move much faster than normal. "Fast motion" is just as interesting as "slow motion" - imagine clouds moving like a boiling mass, or snow covering the cround at a rate of centimeres per second. You could even see a plant grow in a couple of minutes!


You can also use SkyStudioPro to make stop-motion movies, by taking manual snapshots of a scene. Use the brand new SkyStudioPro VideoCompiler to make a compressed movie from your saved images.

Motion detection

You can use SkyStudioPro to monitor you camera for motion, and trigger a recording with audio and video when motion is detected. A unique feature is the option to "slow down time-lapse on motion" - this means that when motion is detected, the frame rate of your time-lapse movie is temporarily increased to real-time. When you play back the movie, you will see the time-lapse suddenly "slowing down" to show the moving object.


SkyStudioPro is freeware - you can download and use it free of charge.
There are no limitations to the free version, because there is no commercial version.
Of course, if you want to support the development, you could consider making a donation.

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Panolapse is a tool for creating timelapse videos, with features for panning, zooming, deflickering, RAW metadata interpolation, and batch rendering. 

  • Panning. Simulate rotational panning with perspective correction.
  • Zooming. Animate a lens zoom in or out of your scene.
  • Blend frames with RAWBlend. Interpolate RAW metadata like exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, and more.
  • Deflicker. Smoothen changes in brightness.
  • Autoexposure. Get perfect exposure no matter what camera settings you're at, analyzing changes in aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
  • Combine JPG images into a video. Export to high-quality images or video (jpg, mp4, mov).
  • Fisheye Lens support. Works with both normal lenses and fisheyes.
  • Animate stitched panoramas. Supports 360° equirectangular panoramic images.

Is it free?
Panolapse is free for output resolutions up to 1280x720 HD.

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VideoMach is a multi-purpose video tool useful for:
High-Speed Videos

Timelapse, Stop-Motion Animation and CGI Videos

Animated GIF, FLI and FLC

Extract Pictures and Audio from Video

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The professional editor for everyone

Lightworks is EditShare's Academy and Emmy award-winning, professional Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software supporting resolutions up to 4K as well as video in SD and HD formats. In the last 25 years Lightworks has been used to edit some of the finest films in cinema history: LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King’s Speech and many more! We’re proud of its heritage and we want to share it with you. Read more about Lightworks and discover why Oscar-winning editors around the world use it every day.

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PhotoLapse 3

PhotoLapse is a freeware jpg to avi convertor. It will convert a jpg sequence into a, by codec compressed, movie. I created it for making timelapse movies of large sequences of jpg stills and couldn't find any freeware programs to do the trick the way i wanted it. PhotoLapse needs no installing nor does it modify your registry, just one executable.

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