domingo, 12 de outubro de 2008


One thing that has bugged numerous people for the past year or two is Autorun's inability to run an HTML file directly.

It should be that simply placing a

in the autorun.inf runs that HTML file. But it doesn't.

I presented a VB solution some issues back, but that solution soesn't suit many people :- after all, if requires all the associated runtime support, which may not be appropriate, to say the least. I'm reminded of an email we once received asking whether it was possible to write a virus in VB... I guess so, but the "Downloading Virus Runtime Support - Please wait" dialog box was, I felt, always going to be a dead giveaway!

Anyway, I got my head together with Ross Mack, WISE guru extraordinaire, and the result is this tiny WISE install executable, autohtml.exe.

Pode fazer o download gratuitamente aqui!